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A Thank You to Church on the Hill

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude - Karl Barth

I stumbled upon this quote earlier this morning.  How fitting because this morning, my heart is full of joy and it is indeed a form of deep gratitude.  After spending the past eight years on staff at Church on the Hill in San Jose, I am saying goodbye and stepping into a new role with a church plant called Awakening Church.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve run the gamut of emotions…sadness, gladness, anxiety, excitement…I’ve felt it all, in equal parts, as I’ve dealt with leaving the comforts of a place that feels so very much like home.

I have been thoroughly blessed by this entire process.  My wife and I talk often these days about the amazing love and support we’ve been shown in leaving.  And this makes leaving all the more difficult.  We feel so inadequate to go do what we know God is calling us to do but we are compelled by both the calling of Christ and the affirmation of our community that is sending us out.  In recent weeks, countless people have encouraged us with the thought that this is the right, kingdom thing to do.  Such encouragement has filled our hearts with hope and courage.  The grace poured out on us by God and the love showered upon us by those whom we are leaving have both acted to give strength to our legs, to push us forward into this new venture, with our hearts ready to embrace whatever God has next for us.  We are humbled and ecstatic and nervous and eager.  We are grateful, for what has been and what is going to be.

So thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey over the years.  Church on the Hill, you are a community of faith centered on the work of God’s kingdom and no other kingdom.  This has been beautifully evident throughout this process.  I have been been shaped and formed by you in ways that words cannot express.  The part you have played in my story is one I will never forget and one that will shape all that I do in the coming years.  Home is a place we may leave but will always carry in our hearts.  You are home to me.  And so, I take you with me in my heart on this new adventure.  Thank you for eight life changing years.